Updated The Game (Minor Rewrites)

Hey there! Just here to say I updated a couple of the descriptions in the game to attempt to reduce confusion when making choices. I intended the game to be difficult, but I didn't intend it to be unfair.

For one specific example, there was one "bad description" about befriending every higher power.  This one's existence made sense earlier in development, as I only had ten "correct" occupations, and none of them had anything to do with Gods or higher powers. However, it started to cause confusion once I migrated all of my "bad" occupations to the regular occupations, and wrote twenty entirely new bad occupations. In that migration, there was the Angel occupation. Thus, confusion - something that could seem correct would actually be incorrect, causing an unfair game over. So... I've changed it. This is the main change to the writing that has been made, with a few other minor changes being made as well.

This is a game I made for a week-long jam, and while it's technically "complete", I don't class it as a full game. So if you wondered why not just write out a formal change log, that's why.

Thanks for checking out ProtagoNest!

- Jordan

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