A downloadable slime for Windows


  • W - Move Up
  • A - Move Left
  • S - Move Down
  • D - Move Right
  • Q - press to Drop Item, hold to Throw Item
  • E - Pick Up Item/Use Machine
  • Space Bar - Use Weapon/Build Wall


  • Fight off an inordinate amount of red slime.
  • Survive as long as possible to contain the breach.
  • Utilize three unique defenses to better hold off the inevitable.
  • Experience a snapshot of life inside the lab of eccentric scientists.
  • Try not to panic. Try not to panic. Panic immensely.


A crew of book-smart-but-safety-not-smart scientists discovered a way to convert a new kind of slimy substance into objects. They very recently made a huge breakthrough, and produced a kind of slime that can be used to create more slime! However, control of the rate of regeneration was very quickly lost, and now the slime has started breaching containment. Even worse, it has a taste for blood, and will stop at absolutely nothing to break out of the facility.

The scientists are now tasked with doing all that they can to stop the spread of slime. Things may look, feel, and even be pretty hopeless, but any time bought for evacuation is a bonus.

This... wasn't in the job description.

You must run around the facility, and fight off slime with the use of a powerful vacuum, an effective squirt gun, and the use of buildable walls and barriers. I wish you luck, because you are going to need it, my friend.


Cameron Strachan:

  • Programming
  • User Interface Art
  • Level Design

James Burns:

  • Sound Design
  • Character Design
  • Environment Design & Animation
  • Level Design

Jordan Han:

  • Sound & Music Design
  • Tileset Art
  • Player Animation
  • Slime Animation

Final Note:

Made over 6 days for the Midsummer Jam 2019

Click Here To Get The Soundtrack


Slime Time Game.zip 18 MB

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