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NOTE: This is still in very early development, and this upload in particular is a not-even-bare-minimum prototype. I didn't have the energy to finish the game in time for the jam deadline, and when I did have the energy I broke more things than I fixed, but will keep updating it as I regain the energy.


  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Left
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • Space Bar: Interact/Self-Assure
  • Enter: Last Resort Screaming


  • Try desperately to keep yourself together as a welcoming community event comes to a close.


You are you. You, despite a bountiful amount of anxiety, went along to a community event you've been looking forward to for a while. After a rough year, this event has been a welcome breath of fresh air, and just what you needed to cheer yourself up. For the first time in a while, you don't feel like you're messing everything up just by being there.

But now, it's come to the end. The announcement has just been made that the venue will close after the last song of the night finishes playing. You're understandably upset, as even though you've had a great time, you're scared to say goodbye and you don't want this to end. You're now really struggling to choke back your tears, and not scream to the heavens that you don't want to go.

It's time for you to go around seeking your final assurances from everyone, before you don't see them again for goodness knows how long, and you go back to your daily life.


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Soft Farewells Early Prototype 4 MB
Soft Farewells Early Prototype Installer 17 MB
Soft Farewells Still Early Prototype Installer 17 MB
Soft Farewells Still Early Prototype 4 MB

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