Jordan Han

A game developed in three hours for TriJam.
A prototype I plan to expand a lot more post-Rainbow Jam.
A game about [BUFFERING...]
A not-so endless runner for the GMTK Jam 2019.
The music used in the game Slime Time.
The music used in the game ProtagoNest.
The music used in the Vampire Jam 2019 game Vard The Vampire.
It's time to slime, baby!
A very short game about waking up during the night
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Who decides who gets to be a video game protagonist? You! A video game protagonist!
You're a vampire. You have blood powers. You slowly bleed out because of them. Drink folks to stay alive.
YGD BAFTA-nominated. A puzzle-platformer where you control the platforms and the background music during gameplay.

Supported by Jordan Han

Jordan Han's GMTK 2019 Interesting Picks

Listen. The majority of games in this are from games I did bad fan art for, yes, but I did also play them. You may think that there are some other amazing games that should be on here. But these ones are here because they struck a specific...